Thursday, March 27, 2008

April's Menu!

4/1 – BBQ Baked Chicken
4/2 – Black bean burritos
4/3 – Potato Soup
4/4 – Cheater manicotti
4/5 – Subway
4/6 – Burgers
4/7 – Date Night
4/8 – Enchiladas
4/9 – White Chicken Pizza
4/10 – Chicken Stir Fry
4/11 – Pizza
4/12 – French Dip Sandwiches
4/13 – Chicken Stroganoff
4/14 – Lasagna
4/15 – BBQ pulled pork sandwiches
4/16 – Pasta with broccoli, roasted garlic, and pine nuts
4/17 – Black bean burritos
4/18 – Faked fried chicken
4/19 – Subway
4/20 – Fettuccini Alfredo
4/21 – Meatloaf
4/22 – Macaroni and Cheese
4/23 – Kid Food night
4/24 – Chicken Stir Fry
4/25 – Pizza
4/26 – Stuffed Seashells
4/27 – Black bean burritos
4/28 – Burgers
4/29 – BBQ Venison
4/30 – Omlettes

Please keep in mind that my grocery budget is $200.00 per month, and this is only the main dish that's listed, sides aren't included.


kittyn said...

ok so like, I'm coming over for kid food night!!!

Wendy said...

Okay, you have piqued curiousity here -- what's the recipe for Stuffed Seashells?

And what makes Cheater Manicotti "cheater" ??

And nothing with Ramen noodles? What kind of college student are you anyways! ROFL!!!!!!

Shelby said...

HAHA Wendy! I'm a college student that will get ill to even smell Ramen anymore, I ate it so much!

Stuffed seashells are easy! This makes enough filling for 3 dinners worth, I put the extras into disposable pastry bags or ziploc bags, that way I can just squeeze it into the shell.

2 lb tub Ricotta cheese
1 box frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained
1 lb bag shredded italian blend cheeses (there's one at my store that's 6 cheeses!)

Mix all of this together in a mixer. Boil some jumbo shells, put the filling in (less mess if you use a pastry bag or a ziploc with the corner cut off), put them into a baking dish, cover with sauce (I have to make my own due to an allergy, but you can use store bought), and bake for however long the box says to. I think it's 35 minutes at 350.

Cheater manicotti is simple. I make 9 to serve 3 people, I boil 9 manicotti shells, then unwrap 9 string cheeses. Put the string cheese into the shell, put in baking dish, cover in sauce, and bake!

Enjoy :)

Wendy said...

Nice!! I'll have to try that cheater manicotti sometime!

And stuffed shells is always a yummy yummy! I'll have to find that 6 cheese cheese though!