Saturday, March 8, 2008

March Menu

So here it is, March's menu. As you can see, there's a couple additions, as Spring Break is later this month, so we're planning for lunches that week. Bought a bunch of Lean Cuisines and soups and the like for the FFY days. Already did March's grocery shopping, spent $273.00 total, saved $164.00. Roomie will reimburse $93.00.

Spring Break for us is going to be spent organizing this apartment, going through things, and getting rid of a lot of stuff. I'm actually looking forward to decluttering, but I'm also looking forward to sleeping in! School's running me ragged. Also, I've put in the menu what cookbooks some of the recipes are from, so that way I remember where I found it!

DISCLAIMER - This is just a main course listing. I do not list side dishes, or every single item that goes into making my entire meal. I also don't normally make a menu for lunches or breakfast because nobody is home during those times, but it is spring break later this month, and I had to plan ahead for that.

3/8 – Chicken Stir fry
3/9 – Black Bean Burritos
3/10 – Chili dogs
3/11 – Hashbrown soup
3/12 – Chicken Broccoli Divan (
1-2-3 Simple, pg 86)
3/13 - Antelope pot roast
3/14 - 5 Cheese/Spinach Calzones
3/15 - Subway
3/16 – Broccoli & Noodles supreme (
1-2-3 Simple, pg 122)
3/17 – Irish potato soup
3/18 – Beef Stroganoff
3/19 – Omelets
3/20 - Orange Glazed Chicken (
Campbell’s No Time to Cook, pg 22)
3/21 - Clam Chowder (2006 Crock Pot Cookbook, pg. 116)
3/22 - Tacos
3/23 – Dinner at Mom’s (Easter Sunday)
3/24 – Lunch – Soup/Sandwiches 3/24 – Dinner - BBQ Venison (1975 Crockpot cookbook, pg 165)
3/25- Lunch – Fend for yourself 3/25- Dinner - Enchiladas
3/26 – Lunch – Black bean burritos3/26 – Dinner – Chicken Stir Fry
3/27- Lunch: Chicken burgers 3/27 – Dinner - Knuckleheads
3/28 – Lunch - Fend for yourself 3/28 – Dinner - Pizza
3/29 – Subway
3/30 – Tatertot Casserole
3/31 - Spaghetti (w/spaghetti bread)


Living Almost Large said...

I was wondering, do you think you should include 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day? And 2 dairy? I know money is tight, but I am concerned about future health issues.

Unfortunately as you well know, eating healthy costs more. NO ONE will ever convince me otherwise.

I do not buy processed foods, I cook from scratch. In my blog I've listed and challenged couponers to use coupons on my weekly shopping list. NADA.

I also posted on a couponers blog and NO HELP. When I buy only meat and veggies, such that my diet is mostly white rice, meat, and veggies, there are no coupons for what I eat.

So I am stuck. But just thinking of the future for you, that perhaps a more health conscious diet would be in order (yeah bad financially).

Shelby said...

I probably should increase my fruits and veggies. I can't afford to. My grocery budget is $200.00 a month, and I do the best I can with what I've got.

When we move to Houston, our diet (among other things) will be changing, and for the better.

Shelby said...

Oh, and to add as well, that's just my dinner main meal is. I don't post side dishes, or everything I cook my meals with, unless it's something in particular like spaghetti bread.

Living Almost Large said...

I understand and realize you are on a budget. I am doubtful that it can be done so cheaply myself to eat all reccomended servings a day.