Sunday, May 25, 2008

An Update of Sorts.

Wow, been a while since I've updated. Sorry about that.

Well, finals week came and went, and I graduated from the University of Montana on Saturday, May 10th. I've changed the name of my blog to reflect that :)

On May 11th, both my boyfriend and his brother (our roommate) left. Boyfriend headed to Texas, roomie headed for Arkansas. There was a bit of turmoil around that time, and quite frankly, I don't want to get into it. Basically my boyfriend attempted to break up with me, and then we got back together the next day and are working on our relationship.

Job hunting for me is going pretty slow. I can't apply for many of the jobs I want until the school changes my transcript to reflect the fact that I've graduated. I just checked, and they still haven't done it. I did apply for one job at the Medical Examiner's office in Houston, I'm hoping to hear back from them soon. Really hope I do. I miss my boyfriend terribly. It's very odd to be in the apartment alone with my cat. I've gotten a lot accomplished in the two weeks that he's been gone, and I think right now if I got a job in Houston, I could be completely packed and ready to move in 4 days. Working on getting that down to three days, but we'll see. My goal has been to throw away 10 things per day, and I've been meeting and exceeding that goal on a daily basis.

There's been some rather emotional self-discoveries made this past two weeks, but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

Anyhow, I'm doing alright. It's nice to know I can always fall back on myself in hard times.

We'll see what the future brings. I'm hopeful for it.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

May's pseudo-menu

Due to us moving, I'm trying to use up all the meat we have in the freezer, so this month's menu will be pretty meat centric.

5/6 – Macaroni and Cheese
5/7 – Clam Chowder
5/8 – Penne spaghetti
5/9 – Dinner with Daddy, no cook
5/10 – Graduation BBQ, no cook
5/11 - Manacotti
5/12 – Beef Stroganoff
5/13 – Tater Tot Casserole
5/14 - Antelope pot roast
5/15 – Polish Kielbasa and Hashbrowns
5/16 – Baked chicken
5/17- Stuffed seashells
5/18 – Fend for yourself
5/19 – Steak, baked potato
5/20 – chicken stir fry
5/21 – Date night
5/22 – BBQ venison
5/23 – Chicken and noodles
5/24 – Black bean burritos with deer burger
5/25 – Chicken fettuccini
5/26 – Biscuits and gravy
5/27 – Elk steak, mashed potato

It's Official... We're moving!

Well, we've decided not to rent a truck, instead we're putting a hitch on my poor car and towing a trailer to Katy. I've played around with a spreadsheet, and it looks like it's going to be about $1500.00 to move. Better than the original 3 grand!

Also just made up the "intent to vacate" letter for the apartment complex we're leaving, and reserved the trailer we're renting.

The prospect of having to say goodbye to my family is driving me crazy. I'm going to miss my mom terribly, but Roger's promised I can come home whenever I want/need to. Plus I have family in Austin, which will help.

Also, with only renting a trailer, a lot of our belongings are not going to be able to go with us on the trip, unfortunately. I'm talking big items, like my dressers, entertainment center, couch, etc. Some of this stuff we were going to get rid of anyway, but not all of it. I've been going through websites to see how much it'll cost to replace some of my kitchen appliances with things I want. I may be a little overzealous in what I want, but if I'm being given a clean slate to work with and get exactly what I want, I'd rather not just settle for what I can get, yanno? Mom said I can store a few of my sentimental things in her storage unit here in town, and if they drive down to see us, they'll bring them with.

Lots of stuff still left to complete before we move, but it looks like we'll be out of here by the 2nd of June. Scary. I'm somewhat excited, but then again I'm sad. Need to get ahold of the vet, must do that Monday.

Finals week is here, and as you can see by the countdown, we're getting REALLY close to graduation time. I'm off for now, but don't be surprised to see to-do lists on here in the next couple of weeks.