Saturday, February 23, 2008

Meme tag!

Louise tagged me!

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I'm going to add:

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's almost time

Started making some realizations lately, and it's beginning to hit me just how close I am to being in the "real world".

12 weeks till graduation.

I see that number, and start to panic a little. 12 weeks?!?!? TWELVE?!?! Where did the time go?

Also, something else is making it's appearance, and that would be burnout. I'm getting burnt out on school, burnt out on being on a budget, burnt out on cooking, cleaning, the whole bit. I'm just ... spent. Looking VERY forward to spring break already. Maybe I should start counting down to that, rather than agonizing on graduation.

5 weeks. 5 weeks until a break. 5 weeks until I can just be. I'm sure stuff will come up between now and then, but I can say one thing for sure. No alarm clocks that week. That may be a good week to start tossing things out and going through clothes. We were supposed to do that over Christmas break, but yeeeeah, that didn't happen. I may set small goals for each day that week, as far as packing/throwing things away. These goals will be things that don't take more than an hour each. That may make things seem a bit less daunting, I think.

Started working on my resume, and I'm so completely at a loss that it's not even funny. I've never had to write a resume for the "real world" before! I've always been a retail rat, and that's what my work history shows. When I was looking at retail jobs, my resume made me feel good... but now it's making me feel somewhat inadequate. I'm going to make an appointment with career services and see if I can't get some help.

Otherwise things seem to be going well. I'm still trying to remember to take my Chantix, still haven't had a cigarette since 12/12/07. Not saying I haven't craved them. Also, I've stopped taking my birth control. No, we're not *trying* for kids, but we're not necessarily doing anything to prevent them, either. Fact is, my plumbing is screwy, and I need to make sure that Auntie Flo still knows where my house is.

Starting to look at jobs in Houston, and I really would LOVE to get on with Harris County still. My friend Stephanie helped me out a few nights ago to decipher the benefits package, and it makes me want to drool. I am also going to pass it on to my mom, as she's a medical biller, and she knows more about the doctor's office side of things than I do.

Hope everybody is doing well, and I'll check back in soon :-)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

February grocery savings...

Hit both Safeway and Albertsons today, and got all of my groceries bought for the month, excluding any more milk we need.

Albertsons: Spent 153.01, saved $44.60
Safeway: Spent $69.56, saved $44.56

Total spent: $222.60
Total saved: $ 89.16

Roomie will be reimbursing us $75.00, so we came in under budget! Wahoo! And this included a bunch of convenience foods I don't normally buy, but they were on sale, and the boys requested them.