Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Parenting Rant

Since when did parents... stop BEING parents?

I hear stories pretty frequently about how the child in a parent's life is allowed to make the choices for the whole household, and I'm just aghast. Here's just some examples, based on things I've seen/heard, etc.:

If I tried to tell my mom what we were or were not having for dinner, or threw a fit about what she was fixing, you know what happened? I got to wait till breakfast to eat, and if I was lucky, mom didn't serve me the meal from the night before, cold. Also, if my mom put it on my plate, I was required to at least try it, and while my mom did placate a lot of my food tastes as a child (I didn't like sandwiches on regular bread, but I was more than happy if it was on a pita), she was still the parent.

If I tried to backtalk my mom when she said for me to clean my room, she'd dump all the drawers out, take everything out of my closet, etc. I would then have an hour to clean my room, and anything left on the floor would go to Goodwill. Only took once.

What am I trying to say here? Who knows, really. Guess I'm just learning what kind of parent I will turn out to be. Can't wait for the day my kid says "MOOOOOOOOOOOMMM, you're just old fashioned."


momma said...

Moooommmmm, you're so mean!!!!!!

kittyn said...

oh man ... that reminds me of this woman I know, who's 9 year old son RUNS the household.

Throws a fit when mom doesn't go out and buy him the cheatbook for some Playstation game IMMEDIATELY!!

Screams and yells and demands dinner be served immediately because he's HUNGRY, and asks "what is wrong with you" when it's not served when he demands it. Then he refuses to eat any of the dinner, and says he's full after 2 bites. Seriously, two bites. Then 30 seconds (yes 30 seconds) after throwing his dinner in the trash, he's demanding cereal or something else he likes, because he's hungry. And if she says no, he accuses her of being a bad mother by starving him.

Gets suspended almost every week, for punching a girl in school, kicking the principal, shoving a teacher, etc.

There are far many more horror stories, but I get angry thinking about it, so I'll stop!

Halfpint said...

Wow - I thought my mom was the only one who would trash my room and then make me clean it.... after I back talked when she asked.


Living Almost Large said... had nice parents. If I had ever back talked I would have gotten one swipe across the mouth or washed out with soap.

If I didn't eat it, I could go without food. DH's parent didn't leave the table until he finished. He could sit there all night. And we're only 28 and 30.

Accordingly immigrant parents are a bit um strict. But still LOL. I can't believe what some kids get away with.