Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ahhh, the things that vacations can do...

So, I got to head to Fort Collins last weekend, and the vacation is exactly what I needed!! I flew out of Missoula early Friday morning, got to Denver at around 3 in the afternoon. Got to hang out with my two friends from training that evening, had a couple drinks at a cool little bar. Saturday was spent knitting (one of my friends' mom is a knitter... kindred spirit!!!), and overall just relaxing.

Got to go see a band that night called Heartfelt Bastard, they're a punk band local to Fort Collins... was interesting. The band itself was pretty good, was less than impressed with the impromptu mosh pit and being doused in beer, to say the least.

Sunday was spent with my other friend from training, just spent the day visiting and watched Dark Knight (again, LOL, and this friend is one of the ones I saw Dark Knight with the first time while I was in training in Denver), and got to go to Red Lobster for dinner... OMG it was soooo good.

Monday was again spent relaxing and knitting, plus I had to pack up and get ready to go home. Got on the plane at 9:30pm, and by 11:30pm I was back home in Missoula. I have to say, it was the coolest experience to decend through the clouds and watch the snow/ice in the clouds sparkle under the plane like an ocean of crystals. Plus there was no moonlight, so the stars were shining much brighter than what I'm used to seeing, unless I go out to my mom's house.

Started back at work this afternoon, some stuff has changed at work, so we'll see how that goes over. I work another 7 day stretch (well, one day is down), then have two days off. No plans as of yet for the days off, but I'm sure THAT will change before the week is out. I also don't forsee any more traveling until after the new year, as our store goes into blackout sometime in November and doesn't come out of that until after the new year, due to the holidays. If I leave town at all, it'll be work related.

Looking forward to this weekend, get to go out with a couple friends of mine either Saturday or Sunday (figuring Saturday, but I'm not sure). I just got home from having dinner with two of my coworkers, ended up closing down the restaurant again, LOL. We always end up doing that!

Oh, also, the workout thing is going VERY well! Been trying to go after work each day that I'm actually at work, but I've learned I HAVE to put my gym bag in the car when I get ready for work, since if I head home first, I'm less inclined to go to the gym. Plus, while I was in Fort Collins, my friend and I walked from his apartment to Red Lobster, about a mile and a half each way, so I ended up getting a "workout" in while I was gone.

My ex happened to get his hands on an iPod Shuffle, and didn't have a use for it so he mailed it to me, and it arrived today. I already have an 80 gig iPod, but didn't want to take it to the gym, as it's kinda big and clunky, so the Shuffle (or as I've named it, "Shufflie") will be perfect. I've already got it charged and loaded with my "Workout Tunes" playlist. I haven't weighed myself since I started, but I'm already almost into the next lower pants size. Not really marking my progress by pounds, focusing more on inches.

Anyhow, gotta find my tape measure and update my measurements spreadsheet, I measured myself prior to starting my job, and I'm interested to see how many inches I've lost since then, as I'm down 4 pants sizes and 50 pounds since starting the job. (Additional edit: 26.5 total inches lost since June)

Catch y'all on the flip!!!


Jill said...

What an awsome sounding trip!!

Congrats on the weighloss too :)

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

I have never seen anyone enjoy life as much as you do!! I'm so happy for you!!