Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shelby is leaving the building!!!

OMG finally. I get to go home tomorrow.

It's not that I haven't enjoyed my time doing training, but I swear to God and all that is holy, my feet cannot take any more abuse. During mentor week, rather than doing five 8 hour shifts, we did four 10's, because my co-worker has to be back in town for a wedding on Saturday. My feets are screaming.

Couple reflections on training (some of which I may have already mentioned, but oh well):

On Denver: Was odd to get along with everyone in my original training class. It's not often that you can shove 24 people plus 2 trainers into a small room and have everyone get along. This was surprising. Even our primary trainer commented on it, and mentioned that she hadn't met a training group that got along as quickly as we all did. We were pretty well all friends by the end of the first Monday, and she said that never happens.

On mentor week: Was odd to get along with my mentor. I honestly was worried that I wouldn't, and that we would not have an easy time of it, but once again, I was proven wrong. My mentor was awesome, and let us move at the pace we felt comfortable. As of yesterday I was handling transactions on my own, with only the occasional question for her.

On the co-worker: I like my co-worker. She's really nice, and I'm glad I'll be able to work alongside her. I also look forward to meeting my other co-worker that I haven't met yet. He strikes me as the type to be a bit of a smart-ass, which means we will get along just fine. I got to talk to him for a minute during the conference call last Tuesday, and I'll get to meet him on Monday when I actually start working.

On travel: If I don't get on a plane in the next month, you will not hear me complain at all. I am so done with flying.

On packing: do not want to. Why can't they make a CTP? Clothing transfer protocol? Where I can just dump all my clothes in a tube and they end up in my apartment.

Anyhow, on that last note, it's time for me to start packing my stuff in preparation for yet 2 more plane rides tomorrow. Catch ya on the flip, everyone!

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