Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wow, crazy weekend

So, after writing my little PSA on Friday, I headed to work. Talk about INSANE. I am reminded each year why I won't go out on Black Friday and go shopping, sheesh!

Kind of a sad weekend for me, as one of our technicians got promoted to another position within the company, and yesterday was not only his last day with us, but also his going away party. I rarely make close friends quickly (as most people that know me can attest to), however this particular coworker and I became good friends very quickly. Was very difficult to see him leave the going away party yesterday, but at least he's only a phone call away, and I have an open invite to go hang out whenever I need or want to.

So, this makes us shorthanded at work... right before Christmas. I've figured up my hours for the next 4 weeks (I already have my work schedule, thank goodness), and I'm going to be averaging 45 hours a week or so. Will be nice for the paycheck, but will also be a bit of a drain on me physically. We also have the option to go in and work basically whenever we want outside of the normal schedule, and I am already planning on taking advantage of that, at least on the 9th. We'll see how I feel after doing that once to determine if I do it again.

Also coming up on the 9th is the Nine Inch Nails concert here, which I am going to. Went to a very good concert this month on the 17th, Jet Black Stare, Tantric, Drowning Pool, and Saliva. All of the bands were excellent, and I hadn't ever heard of Jet Black Stare prior to this show, and I was very impressed. If you like rock music, check them out. Saliva is basically the band I went to the concert to see, and they were fabulous.

Hoping I won't slack up on my updates over the next few weeks, but with as busy as I am going to be, we'll see what happens. The other good news for me is that I have ordered a Blackberry Storm, and it should be here prior to the 8th of December. I've already gotten to play with a few at work, but it will be nice to have one of my own. Also seriously considering taking the test from Research in Motion (RIM) to become a RIM certified Blackberry technician. Work probably won't pay for it, but it's something I want for my own knowledge and to assist me in doing my job every day. The test is 150.00, and I will have to see where the closest testing center is to where I live.

So, that's all I've got for now. Catch y'all on the flip!

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