Monday, November 24, 2008

Storm release, and other random thoughts.

Last Friday, Verizon Wireless released the new Blackberry Storm. Talk about one SEXY phone. I want one very badly. Hoping to have enough money after Christmas to purchase one for myself.

Still working quite a bit, and we're losing one of our technicians at the end of the month due to a promotion, so that means in December I'll be pulling 45-47 hour weeks. I'm not going to complain about the overtime, especially before the holidays. Spending the holidays with family, as per usual. Should be good times. I am very blessed to have such a large and wonderful family that enjoys spending the holidays together.

Already figured out my new years resolutions, and I'm already putting plans in motion to get them started. Going to keep working on my weight loss, I've already lost nearly 70 pounds since July (no, I wasn't trying, it just happened, but now I'm actually working at it), and I am going to quit smoking again, hopefully this time I won't relapse like I did in May. I am also going to get back on track financially, unfortunately these past 4 months have wreaked a bit of havoc on my finances, and I'm a little behind on a few things. Going to work on getting caught up, and get some savings built as I have another business trip coming up at some point after the first of the year where I will again spend 2 weeks in Denver, Colorado, and rather than some costs being paid up front, I will have to cover them and submit an expense report.

Still single, although there are some prospects on the horizon. I've definitely learned a considerable amount about myself in the past few months, and it's been healthy and good.

Other than that, I haven't been up to much. Spent the last weekend re-arranging my apartment, as I am turning my second (spare) bedroom into a dressing room. Going to spend next weekend stripping down an old hardwood desk that I used to have, re-staining it, and then I am going to use that as a vanity table. I figure if I am going to live alone, I might as well enjoy my apartment, so I'm setting it up so it is comfortable for me. It's been fun, and I've done a lot of it fairly inexpensively, just by being creative with how I am doing things.

Hope everyone has a fabulous holiday season, my best wishes to you and yours.


Jill said...

Have you tried prescription Chantix? I am RN and alot of people say it works. Good luck with all your goals.

Jill said...

Sounds like you are busy as usual. A good type of busy :)

Happy Holidays!

Shelby said...

Yes, I've tried Chantix, that's what I was on last time I quit. Unfortunately, I allowed the stress of finals, personal life, and graduation to get ahead of me and I went right back to smoking.

And yes, I've been super busy, but I can't complain too much, as it keeps me occupied and I'd rather be busy than stagnant.