Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New News!

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, haven't updated in forever, LOL. Haven't really had anything to update about... but now I do!

So, the other half is still in Texas, trying to get things set up for us there. In the meantime, I needed to find something here in town to pay the bills, so I started throwing out applications. Well, one hit and stuck!

I am going to be working for Flextronics, which is a company that is contracted out to Verizon Wireless to provide in-store customer tech support. The pay is good, full benefits, quarterly bonuses, and they're an international company so when the time comes that I'm going to be moving, there's a possibility that I can transfer within the company.

I start training on July 7th, and it's paid training in Denver, Colorado. I spend 2 weeks there, then I'll probably be headed to somewhere in Idaho to do a week's worth of in-store training. They're paying for all the expenses associated with the travel, so I'm kinda looking at this like a paid vacation of sorts. I have a friend that's going to come take care of my cat, and we live in a pretty close knit neighborhood, so I'll have my neighbors keep an eye on my apartment.

I'm pretty excited about it, although a little nervous too. I suppose that's to be expected, right? I've already got my list of stuff that I need to take with me typed out, and as soon as I have my itinerary, I'll probably start packing, since there's some stuff I need to wait to find out (i.e. does the hotel have a pool, etc).

So, that's the latest. Still missin my boyfriend, but I think that the new job will definitely be keeping me busy!

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