Thursday, December 13, 2007

And the tally says:

Safeway total spent: $73.90, total saved: $61.86

Albertsons total spent: $86.47, total saved: $40.34

Total spent: $160.37
Total saved: $ 102.50

Didn't figure I did too bad, plus we have meat coming from Omaha Steaks next Wednesday.


kelley said...

Very good chickie! How many are you feeding for the $160? Just you and R or is the roommate included? If the two of you, that is $80 a person or $2.67 a meal. If its three of you, that is $53.33 or $1.78 a meal.

Either way, you can't go out to eat and get meals like you are cooking.

Shelby said...

We're feeding all three of us, but the roomie reimburses us a third, since he's never around to go grocery shopping when we go.