Thursday, December 27, 2007

After Christmas Relaxation

Whew, made it through another Christmas without poking any family members in the eyes. Warning, long post ahead.

We went to my mom's house on Christmas Eve, and before we left, I check the mail. Dad's present is here. COOL! So, being the impatient person I am, I bust the box open. Inside is 4 cookbooks (one being the breast cancer edition of the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, which I've been pining for since I moved away from home), a butterfly necklace, a book light, and 3 miniature Pooh Bear ornaments.

We get to my mom's and haul our stuff in from the car (Christmas presents, laundry, knitting bag), and I'm carrying the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, as I've been skimming through it on the entire 30 mile drive from my apartment to mom's. Mom asks "Where'd you get that", and I replied "Dad sent it to me for Christmas, along with 3 other cookbooks and some other neat stuff."

We get in the car to go to my aunt and uncle's house, and my card from my Grandma is in there. Yay for Christmas money! We get to my aunt and uncle's, and my cousin is there. She's 30 weeks pregnant. She's absolute adorable with her baby bump. We talk about her pregnancy, and just catch up in general. Had a good visit, my other (loud) aunt shows up. Insta-headache. We eat dinner, visit, loud aunt, her hubby, and her mother-in-law leave. I tell aunt and uncle to open their gift I gave them (I made them an afghan). Aunt's eyes leak. We go back to my mom's.

Stay up visiting, mom steals my cookbook! She can't remember how long she needs to bake the ham for. Go to bed around 11.

Bed is uncomfy. And small. It's a full sized bed, R and I are used to sleeping on a king. Can't roll over without dang nearly knocking him out of the bed. Restless night's sleep. I keep waking up and going into the bathroom to recharge the glowy on my watch, as I know that my mom and stepdad normally get up around 7:30. 8 rolls around. They aren't up. 9:30 rolls around. They're up! They're cooking breakfast! HOORAY!!!!!! Mom's biscuits and Pop's hashbrowns here I come!

I have a cup of coffee, and open my stocking. 2 candy canes, a Sweet Storybook, a toothbrush, and a 1 liter Cherry Pepsi. Sweet. I put Cherry Pepsi in the fridge, and start helping with breakfast. Breakfast is delish.

We start handing out gifts. 4 for me, 3 for Roger, 1 each for Mom and Pop from Roger and I (they don't buy for each other since buying the house). I'm poised with the heaviest gift in my lap. Mom says "Open that one last." Okay, I grab another one. I start. Eggplant colored long sleeve shirt. Gorgeous! Ropens his. Long sleeved dress shirt. Pretty! I open the next one. Black fleece vest with red edging. I LOVES FLEECE. R opens, moss colored fleece jacket. Did I mention I loves fleece? I open next one, red turtleneck to go with vest. SWEET! Christmas outfit to wear! R opens his, it's an eggplant colored longsleeve shirt with stripes. Pretty!

I tell Mom and Pop to open their gifts. They both got afghans. Both of them tell me how pretty they are and how much they love them. Mom curls up with hers immediately. I'm down to my last (heavy) gift.

I open it. Guess what's inside!!!!

A breast cancer edition of the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook! I look at mom and start laughing. She says "Now, gimme that, now we have matching cookbooks. Go to Dillards, and each of you find yourself some shoes and put them on hold for me to buy for you."

SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET. I loves shoes almost more than I love fleece.

All in all, I got the following: Sterling silver and mother of pearl butterfly ring, gorgeous butterfly (handmade!) necklace, a butterfly cloissone pin/pendant, $75.00, Guitar Hero 3 for my computer (ROCK ON!), 4 cookbooks, 6 ornaments, some clothes, and a pair of shoes.

I've already spent some of the Christmas money, bought myself a bathrobe, some yarn, and a knitting stitchionary (dictionary of all knitting stitches).

Hope everyone had a FANTASTIC Christmas.

Oh, got my grades back for last semester. 3 B's, a B-, a C+, and a missing grade. Giving it until Monday then emailing my instructor, but she already said it'd be a C or better.

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Congrats on surviving another semester!