Monday, November 12, 2007


Ya know, today was supposed to be my day to relax!

Didn't have school today, due to it being Veteran's Day, so I got to stay home with my vet, except for going to lunch with my momma.

The meal plan is going well this month so far, only had to switch out one evening's meal so far, which is perfectly fine.

Oh, read this today, R and I signed up because he's a Veteran.

Copied this info from LLNOE Forum:
Dave announced on his radio show today the offer of FREE FPU online for military vets. The ONLY way to take advantage of this is to email the following temporary email address before close of business this Wednesday 11/14.

The address is:

Since it's a Vets Day special offer, Dave asks that people NOT call into their customer service office, or use any other form of contact, as they do not have staff to handle inquiries another way.

He said that they will respond with passwords/access info via email as well.


We sent in an email, and got a response with all of the information within 30 minutes, so we're taking FPU! Our FPU evenings are going to be Thursdays, since roomie isn't home, and we each only have one class.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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Our Debt said...

For Free! wow that's awesome, whatever you learn, please pass it along to me, cuz I'm having issues managing money :(