Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Grocery queen rides again!

So, last night, I posted that I would give my total grocery bill for all the shopping we've done over the last two days. Yesterday's total was $96.00. Today's total was $108.00, saved over $40.00. Looks like we went $4.00 over budget, right? WRONG! Roomie paid his third, so we've spent $138.00 of our budget, and all we have left to buy will be sodas through the month, milk, and some bread products that we don't need until later this month, and we have no room in the freezer right now to freeze any, so we'll just pick up as needed.

Can't complain one bit about how we did! Nice to know that 99% of the groceries for the month are paid for and in the cupboard!!!

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kelley said...

Way to go Idaho! (quote from Toy Story) When do you want me there for dinner?

Shelby said...

I have an extra enchilada in the oven right now if you want to come over!

Our Debt said...

Mine was $100 this week! One day I'm going to post every single item on the receipt to see what I eat!